Altcoins that Rule the Metaverse

June 03, 2022

Diving into the Metaverse can be challenging to newbies. But those who are into crypto trading have more knowledge gained than they might know. For instance, The Metaverse has many different altcoins that serve all types of purposes, whether it’s to buy land or gain experience in the gaming world. The most popular virtual reality platforms now are Decentraland and The Sandbox. Both of them have native altcoins, SAND and MANA, which can be used to purchase assets in their virtual worlds. This article will describe how altcoins function within the Metaverse and which ones are the strongest right now according to the community and market capitalization.

Why the Metaverse Needs Altcoins
Imagine a new way of interacting in cyberspace. Now imagine that this interaction takes place in a parallel world, a virtual world. In this world, you can be whoever –or whatever– you want to be and have pretty much whatever you can imagine. But the very predictable catch is that all these desires cost money. Here is where altcoins like SAND and MANA come in. The Metaverse is an immersive 3D environment where all sorts of digital objects are created, altered, and traded. It’s a dynamic platform where digital creators, fashion, games and interior designers and the sort interact with one another in real-time while creating new and exciting experiences. All these transactions are done with the exchange of altcoins.

Decentraland: A 3D World Where MANA is Gold
Decentraland is a virtual world built on a blockchain and dedicated to creating new experiences. Picture a society where people can actually own their digital space, create something and collaborate with others, or buy and sell virtual real estate all through smart contracts on Ethereum. The land ownership is kept secure with decentralized consensus powered by Ethereum-based smart contracts. This means no one—not even Decentraland—can manipulate transactions or steal land from users.

The Sandbox Starts Trading on Coinbase
The native utility token of the metaverse game The Sandbox, SAND, was added to the crypto exchange Coinbase. The addition of The Sandbox on Coinbase –a major crypto exchange and the largest one in the US– grants it an extra value within the community, making it easier for every kind of crypto investor to buy the asset and trade it. The initial news of Coinbase’s support of SAND shot the altcoin to the roof in market rankings.

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